Pera Finance
How it works
Pera smart contract determines Top 10 traders with highest volume everyday.
  • 2% fee is applied on every on-chain Pera transaction and 0.5% of fees sent to daily prize pool.
  • On top of that, contract mints 19,600 Pera everyday and adds to prize pool.
Every on-chain transaction you make that is bigger than 100 Pera is added to your total volume. You can check your daily volume here :
If you're in the Top 10, you ranking will be shown on the ranking box. If you're not in the Top 10, your ranking will be shown as ">10"
Each competition day is based on Binance Smart Chain daily block count, which is 28800 Blocks/Day. When "Blocks Left" count or timer reaches to 0, daily competition ends and new competition day starts.
Average block time is ~3 seconds for Binance Smart Chain. However, it may vary a bit. That means competition end time for each day may vary. Always check timer for competition deadline.
You can select competition day by dropdown day menu. You can check past competition rewards and winners.
Last modified 7mo ago
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