Pera Finance
At Pera Finance, we have two different yields for our liquidity providers!
    Pera Smart Contract mints 50400 PERA/Day for liquidity providers.
    Every on-chain PERA transaction has 2% fee and 0.75% fee is shared between liquidity providers.
Click info button for APR breakdown.
Farm APR shows liquidity provider's share from 50400 PERA/Day.
Pera Fee APR shows liquidity provider's share from on-chain PERA fees. As daily PERA volume increases, Pera Fee APR increases.
There is a yield for PERA holders as well. 0.75% from on-chain PERA fee is shared between PERA holders. You don't need to do anything, just hold some PERA tokens and with every on-chain PERA transaction, your balance will increase little by little!
Last modified 2mo ago
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