Pera Finance
To be a PERA Staker, first you need to supply liquidity to PERA/BNB Pool at Pancakeswap and get LP Tokens. If you haven't supplied liquidity yet, go back to "How to add/remove liquidity" page and follow the instructions.
Add liquidity button will redirect you to the PERA/BNB Pool.
After you supply liquidity, go to the staking page.
First, you should Approve your LP tokens.
Following the approval, enter the amount of LP tokens you want to stake and click "Stake LP" button.
You're now a PERA Staker!
If you already have a staked LP, staking additional LP will trigger "Claim PERA Rewards" and contract will send your current rewards to your wallet.
You can claim your staking rewards at "Claim" tab. Click "Claim PERA Rewards" button to claim your rewards.
You can withdraw your LP tokens at "Withdraw" tab. Click "Withdraw LP Tokens" button to withdraw your LP tokens.
When you withdraw your LP tokens, contract automatically sends your current staking rewards to your wallet.
Last modified 4mo ago
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